Eco Tourism (Coming Soon)

Eco Tourism - an initiative of Bhaskar Aditya Foundation, has come up with this new tourism strategy to make the least negative impact on the environment and on the socio-cultural component of the area.

Tourism is one of the most flourishing trades in India and hence this requires the most attention. The International Eco-tourism Society 2009 defines Ecotourism as 'Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of the local people.'

Eco-tourism contributes to the conservation and protection of nature, supports the well-being of local people, stressing ownership as well as business opportunities for local people. The key components of Eco-tourism are to minimize impact of tourism activities, build environmental and cultural awareness and provide positive experiences for visitors and hosts, providing direct financial benefits for conservation and empowerment for localities.

The main principle of eco-tourism is to minimize the adverse impacts on nature and culture of the location and thereby educate the travelers on the importance of bio-diversity of the destination and relevant conservation process.

A lot of camping options are provided for all eco tourists starting from landscaped zone, tent camps, log cabins, tree houses to hotel rooms. Similarly, various adventure sports are also available like river rafting, photography, marine life explore, community work, research work and many more.

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