Aditya Bhoomi - Organic Farming Unit

At Aditya Academy Secondary, we spare no effort to make sure that children are enhanced in an all round manner.

They must be fully aware of their immediate society and the culture centering it. With this vision, Aditya Group has taken a unique initiative in the Aditya Academy Secondary Institution,

which would make them aware of the elementary fuel for the human body, food. Food is something that is needed for everyone's survival but most of us are unaware of the facts like, where does it come from, how is it produced or which way produces healthy consumables and the most important of all, the nature, that produces it. The initiative is designed to inculcate knowledge and awareness about food and agriculture among students in collaboration with FAIDA (Food Agriculture Integrated Development Action) an initiative of agriculturist Mr. Sukumar Sarkar. FAIDA is an organization which stands for the amalgamation of the rural and the urban, science and nature. Joining hands with Aditya Group, FAIDA will help train our students through special classes and practice about the various process of organic farming upholding the need and benefits of the organic processes at the facility Aditya Bhoomi, a land spread in 18 acres exclusively developed for organic farming. .

The Green Digital Campus

Drastic climatic change threatens to disturb our planet in ways not noticed since the last ice age. Actions now to make our way of life sustainable is our best hope for preventing the worst effects of this climatic changes. The Green Campus initiative aims to make a change in the society as well as in individuals, starting from the very grassroots activism.

In 2015, Aditya Academy turned in to a digital campus which helps in frequent update through message service to keep the students, parents and teachers updated about studies or any other activity in the campus. Cleanliness and hygiene is strictly maintained within the campus. Use of plastic bags and other non-biodegradable compounds are strictly prohibited inside the campus. Frequently placed waste bins, covered sewage, drinking water supply etc. are the other infrastructural arrangements that make life at Aditya Academy Secondary beautiful and healthy.