Aditya Group is an organization with a pro-active management which is open to innovation and expression of ideas that has played a significant role in its holistic growth and made it a front runner in the sphere of Education, Entertainment, Health Care, Infrastructure development, Hospitality and value based services. The success story of the Group was scripted by our Founder, Mr. Bhaskar Aditya, who had provided a dynamic story with a vision to provide a wide variety of services to the society at an affordable cost.

The seed of the institution Aditya Academy was sown by Mr. Bhaskar Aditya in 1994 which now has grown in to an arbor in the field of education. Many people nurture the noble of helping people in distress, the elderly, the orphaned or the abandoned by associating themselves with various voluntary organization. But it requires the vision to actually “Serve the Humanity” by spreading the light of knowledge through the establishment of schools. Mr. Bhaskar Aditya, driven by his vision left no stone unturned to serve the best in all the spheres where development of an individual was involved. His personal touch is evident in every aspect of the school.

A school is the place where a child puts his first step out of his cradle. So, a school should provide him a convivial atmosphere.

Aditya Academy Secondary: Barasat

Aditya Academy Secondary Kadambagachhi Barasat
Aditya Academy Secondary is a unique institution which stands as a hub of prosperity. Aditya Academy Secondary is an English medium co-educational residential-cum-day school run by the Dum Dum Aditya Educational Society and is affiliated to CBSE. It’s situated at Kadambagachi, Barasat about 15kms from the Kolkata Airport in a serene and natural- friendly environment. The institute offers transport facilities for a day school. The school management has extended hostel facilities from 2004 for boys and girl with a view to impart quality education within the framework of holistic personality development. This has enabled students from other neighboring states and nations to come and study at Aditya Academy Secondary. We would strive to adopt an educational system where traditional values and modern methods of education will be carefully blended in order to make our students aware of their responsibilities as members of the social fabric. The school takes a stellar role in providing valuable knowledge and social experience to the future citizens and navigates their potentials towards successful cohesion of knowledge and application in their formative years.

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Aditya Academy Senior Secondary

Aditya Academy Senior Secondary Dumdum
Aditya Academy Senior Secondary has been playing a crucial role in making the school an abode where the child can enjoy the facets of life and rhythm of living. Academic excellence is not the only criterion of true education but development of a disciplined body and mind to ‘serve the humanity’, is what that is nurtured in this institution. More than just acquiring knowledge the child must grow in manifestation of wisdom.

Aditya Academy Senior Secondary located in the heart of the city works for achieving certain goals. It is a depository of efficient and conscientious staff, who works tirelessly to mould the tender minds to come out of their claustrophobia and grow up into dauntless, decorous individuals who master the art of straightening the convolutions of life and are idolized for their achievements.

At Aditya Academy Senior Secondary, a student gets every opportunity for exploration, knowledge, challenges and excellence along with valuable virtues of life and time is the most important one. Students spend a well planned and balanced day in the school involving curricular and co-curricular activities. We, at Aditya Academy, are dedicated to ensure that every aspect of a child in his or her formative years is taken care of their health, their education, their persona and their values.

Our library and labs are the windows to the world for the students. The smart classes make studies more interesting and lucid for them. Frequent workshops and seminars keep the students and teachers upbeat and enhance the valued relationship.

1. Workshops & Seminars - Students, Teachers and Management – We organize various workshops frequently for different needs of the students and teachers. We believe in keeping pace with changing time and upgrading ourselves. Therefore we pay close attention to the students, teachers and also the parents to ensure all round development.

2. "Aditya Academy Enhancing Excellence' - We at Aditya Academy have taken up a unique program for enhancing our potentials and skills. Enhancing Excellence involves a complete development of all that makes the Aditya family - the management, the teachers, the students and the parents. It is a twofold function.

First there is a workshop planned and hosted under the guidance of Mr. Leslie D’Gama, a trainer of master trainers, an eminent teacher and lecturer and a specialist in training teachers and corporate to be the best in their fields.

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An initiative of Aditya Academy in association with acclivity is an association to enhance excellence by providing students with special and dedicated training for competitive exams in the field of sciences and mathematics. We are undergoing several development programs, workshops and activities that help us to strengthen our roots to grow bigger and stronger. We aim to provide the best of amenities and educational tools that help in the complete all round education of a child. A specialized team is allocated for the complete training where we help you to take a leap towards your career goals. Through all our activities, we aim at inspiring the child to assimilate constructive thinking so that vivacity and virtue co-exist in the storehouse of the mind of the child and hence build up a good personality.