Noodle Oodle: - We do Chinese Right

Noodle Oodle, an authentic Chinese restaurant, is an initiative of Aditya Group. Noodle Oodle launched its first outlet in Nagerbazar, DumDum opposite Diamond Plaza in June 2016 and its second outlet at Garia in October 2016. We are soon coming up with more branches all across the city to serve you better.

At Noodle Oodle we are intent on serving a variety of authentic Chinese cuisines, cooked passionately while describing the history and cooking process of each dish. Our aim is to draw influence and flavors from the Chinese Province with seasonal ingredients. We serve a variety of definitive Chinese cuisines which are easy on all pockets. The restaurant has been lovingly designed and the menu is full of choices which are healthily tasty & beautifully presented. The menu is thoughtfully tailored to include delicious options. The Menu also holds a variety of Chef's Special items for order every week.

Noodle Oodle is one of the few restaurants in the city to serve a "Half Portion" option available for side dishes served. Our customers can also demand a special Chopstick Etiquette & Eating demonstration for a definitive Chinese culinary experience. We are offering a complimentary Chinese Tea to all our visitors.

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Babumashai is a popular multi-cuisine fine dine restaurant which has created its own name in the city for its services and finger licking tastes. Babumashai set up in Garia is the first outlet of this restaurant and having a second outlet in Hotel Luxor, Durgapur serves the most exotic and mouth watering dishes to all.

The lunch, brunch and dinner menus include many continental favorites in addition to the monthly specials. Moderately-priced classic and contemporary food is served amid the perfect ambiance and has every famous recipe on their menu whether it is vegetarian, non-vegetarian or snacks for all the food lovers to relish the food prepared in an authentic manner preserving quality and the traditional cooking methods to prepare these exquisite and lip smacking varieties for the customers.

Babumashai is a fine dining which offers multiple tempting food options from both Continental and Indian dishes. With a huge variety of soups, main dishes, mocktails, cocktails and desserts in both styles makes Babumashai a much chosen restaurant for all age.

Babumashai’s Durgapur branch at Hotel Luxor, has come up with a new look and menu as a part of the makeover of Hotel Luxor at Durgapur.

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Baraf is a well known bar branched at multiple locations in Kolkata and Durgapur from Homelicious.

Baraf welcomes you from Monday to Sunday, in a warm and elegant setting, in the dining room, for lunches and dinners along with amazing drinks, alone as a couple or as a group. Come party with friends and discover a unique concept of merriment where strangers become friends.

A great ambience and an exciting variety of drinks- Baraf promises to you a great day, every day!

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Shawarama, the best of Lebanese delicacies now open at North Dumdum, Nagerbazar, opposite Diamond Plaza Mall is the newest venture of Aditya Group.

Experience the divine exotic flavors of Lebanese gourmet food now at North Kolkata. It is our promise to keep you wanting more than your belly can hold every time you hop into this reign of best served Lebanese specialties. Here at Shawarma, we prepare lip smacking dishes with a variety of fresh vegetarian and non vegetarian recipes, salads and stews all seasoned with a combination of herbs and spices. With a variety of exquisite recipes to choose from, Sharwarma doesn't let any food lover return home without wishing for more.

Your experience at Shawarma will not only let you enjoy your ordered food exactly the way you wish for but will also drive you step in every time you think of food.

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